Learn Origami – 04 May

£5.00 all welcome

Street Feast,
Hawker House,
Canada St,
London SE16 7PJ

Join origami artist Steve, founder of We Do Not Sell Krakens, while he teaches you the delicate art of paper folding to create your very own origami dinosaur.

Wooden toy workshop – 16th June

Drop in or pre-book (30 mins Teepee / 50 mins Teepee & Wooden Toy Set)
£15.00 / £25.00 (all materials included)

The Exchange,
The Old Library,
Walnut Tree Road,

Become a toy maker for the day with Fany, the founder of Les Petits Félix, founder of Les Petits Felix – The wooden toys workshop
THE BUNNY AND ITS TRIBE : Make and customise a fabric Teepee & personalise your wooden bunny character with Native Indian Props.

What will you be provided with?

  • 1 Teepee kit : 1 plain 100 % cotton tent (choose 1 from among 3 colours) to paint with provided stamps stamps : leaf, star, sun, cloud, zigzag, moon. 5 wooden sticks with cord to build the teepee structure1
  • Teepee kit (above) + 1 wooden bunny + props : Head band with felted feathers to plug Indian stick to customise with : ribbons, wool threads, felted leaves, feather and fish.

What will you take home from this workshop?

  • A unique wooden toy set
  • Basics knowledge of birch plywood, FSC source & mills How each toy is cut, the sanding process and the different grits used to obtain a perfect and smooth finish. There will be sanded and un-sanded parts for you to feel the difference. – Guidance to associate colours, patterns and textures to make a trendy and unique toy to play with or as a room decoration.
  • Play with eco-friendly materials: wool, cotton fabric, FSC wood, paint (All certified – child safe).
  • Nurture your imagination through small world play: develop creative thinking skills and language building. You are imagining, and while doing so I will encourage you to talk out loud and using vocabulary. You will create a life scene to play with and bring back home.

DOES NOT include wood cutting for safety reasons. All set come already cut ready to build and customise.

For any booking you will get 10% off any toys of the brand to complete your Mini World Collection (valid same day)